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Lauren Nicole, Welcome

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Artist Biography

Meet Lauren Rice, a glass artist and designer from Manitoba now based in the GTA. Lauren studied glassblowing at Sheridan College and achieved an Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design in 2021. She is a resident artist at Harbourfront Centre where she is participating in exhibitions, teaching, and actively developing new bodies of work and honing her craft.

She creatively mixes mediums, incorporating materials like underglaze which is traditionally used in ceramics. This unique approach adds texture and dimension to her organic and whimsical glass sculptures, transporting viewers to a nostalgic place of childhood. Lauren teaches art classes to children and draws inspiration from their sense of  wonder.  Her work invites observers to rediscover the magic inherent in the natural world.


In addition to working with glass, Lauren also works with leather, making bags and apparel. Her newest body of work explores combining her love for glass and leather. Her work explores themes of queer joy and connection through the medium of blown glass sculptures adorned with leather harnesses. Through the art of glass blowing, each sculpture mirrors the diverse and vibrant experiences within the queer community. The harnesses symbolize strength and freedom to express one's true self. This work invites viewers to celebrate the joyous moments of connection and belonging that emerge when we embrace our authentic identities and come together as a community.


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Toronto, Ontario

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